Connect Focus with ScreenTime

Block the right apps at the right time, location, or situation.

ScreenTime+ uses latest iOS 16 technology to offer a modern, feature-rich ScreenTime experience, directly connecting to iOS Focus modes.

Focus? Focus!

ScreenTime+ let’s you block distracting apps depending on your iOS Focus mode – so you won’t get tempted to open these.

Focus modes offer powerful automations to enable your app block lists at the right time, location, or situation.

Digital Detox

Sometimes, it’s just great to leave everything digital behind for a day. With ScreenTime+ you can select apps to allow during that period, like the Camera, Maps, and the Phone.

Everything else is blocked and there’s no way back.

Pomodoro Timer

To avoid distractions during focused working sessions, use the ScreenTime+ Pomodoro timer: besides the configurable work duration and pause duration, you can also set up if you allow intermediate pauses.

If this option is disabled, there is no mercy: you have to wait for the Pomodoro timer to end.

Anywhere, anytime

Add a schedule to your Focus to block a list of apps at a specific time, or specific location.

Automatically block social media at work, and block work apps at home. Notifications included.


Adding the missing pieces to ScreenTime, to make working and living with your smartphone distraction-free.